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Why role-play is important to your child’s brain development in Liberty Township

Posted on 06-30-2014


Role-playing, also known as pretend playing, is one of the most favored childhood games. Children like to mimic parents, pretend to be pirates or act out dramatic stories with toys. These games, however, are more than just entertainment for your child- they are essential to early brain development. They impact abstract thinking, math, literacy, problem-solving and language skills. The benefits of this type of play are:

  • Understanding real life situations. For example, cleaning the house, visiting the doctor and going to school.
  • Exploring the imagination. For example, imaginative play involving exploring the jungle, being a monster, conquering pirates and visiting fairies.
  • Emphasizing social interaction and collaboration with peers, setting rules, limitations and boundaries while working in teams and competing.
  • Developing a sense of empathy as your child places herself in the shoes and roles of others.
  • Expressing oneself in a safe environment.
  • Developing self-awareness along with awareness of others through creating different identities and distinguishing them from their own.

You can encourage this healthy play by participating in it with your child. Ask plenty of questions about what the child wants to happen, always letting your child take the lead so that their imagination is properly stimulated. Bring out a box of dress up clothes and age-appropriate props to spur the imagination and creativity. You can also encourage more elaborate pretend adventures with a trip to Fort Liberty Playland’s exciting wooden playground, lawns and picnic area.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Liberty Township, we know how important play is to your child’s early development. Our exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum, for children between the ages of six weeks and five years, concentrates on fun, sensory play to stimulate optimal cognitive, language, physical and socio-emotional development. With age-appropriate group and individual activities supervised by caring, dedicated staff, your child will get a strong start to a lifetime of learning.

To find out more about our child care program and state-of-the-art facility, contact us today.

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