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Safe sleeping standards for newborns and young children in Liberty Township

Posted on 02-02-2015


Child care professionals have long debated the topic of safe sleeping standards for infants. As a parent, following basic guidelines will ensure that your young child enjoys longer, safe sleep. This blog will examine a few things parents can do to facilitate restful and danger-free sleep.

Positioning your newborn for safe sleeping

The most important action for a parent, is to place a baby on their back at bedtime. An infant who spends the night sleeping “belly-down” potentially can inhale stale air from the mattress or bedding. This significantly reduces the amount of oxygen a baby is able to breathe which potentially can be life-threatening.

Clear the crib of any unnecessary items or extra bedding

Less is always best when adorning your child’s crib and it should be reserved only for sleeping versus entertaining an infant with stuffed animals or other items. A crib needs just a firm mattress covered with a fitted sheet. While it may be tempting to place comforters, quilts, pillows, cushions, and favorite toys in the crib, it is advised against. These items can be pulled up around a baby’s mouth and nose, resulting in reduced oxygen intake.

The optimal room temperature for sleeping infants

Pediatric professionals have determined that the best temperature for a young child’s bedroom is between 60.8 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. To find what is best for your baby might take some experimentation. It is also important for a young child’s safety that the crib is kept away from space heaters, fans, and air-conditioning units to lessen fire hazards.

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