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Liberty Township Childcare: How to Help your Child’s Brain Develop Effectively

Posted on 12-05-2014


Most of your child’s brain development will be biological in nature. However, your child’s daily experiences will have a direct bearing on brain development. Once your child is born, there are several areas of the brain that require ongoing development. These areas control memory, thinking, and social and emotional behavior. Below are some of the important factors to consider regarding ongoing brain development in your young child.


Maintaining a healthy relationship with your child is important in terms of brain development. Providing unconditional love and care helps to develop and stimulate the parts of the brain which are responsible for controlling the emotional and social aspects of the brain. Children who do not form loving bonds with their parents often grow up experiencing emotional and social problems as a result.


Your child will begin to absorb the environment around him or her and will do so through the five senses. The information gathered in this manner will support continued brain development. These sensory connections reinforce neural connections that will strengthen the brain. Therefore, you should allow your child every opportunity to engage all of the five senses, so that this sensory information can build stronger connections in the brain.


Proper nutrition has a direct impact on brain development, can help improve your child’s gross and fine motor skills and learning capacity, and will support a strong immune system. A complete and healthy diet needs to begin during pregnancy and should continue through the preschool years in order to avoid harm to the brain during these crucial developmental years. Discuss a healthy nutrition plan with your doctor or pediatrician.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Liberty Township, Ohio offers high quality childcare services and a brain development curriculum. Contact us today to find out more about our academy and our professional staff. 

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