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Activities for increasing math skills in Liberty Township preschoolers

Posted on 08-25-2014


Math skills are critically important for your preschooler's foundational education. Because the first five years of a child’s life are such an important time for learning, this is a good time to begin to build math skills. Your child can learn math in a number of different ways. The childcare experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Liberty Township have provided a list of activities to help your preschool child learn math in a fun and engaging way:

Paint by numbers

Your child will love to learn about numbers when using paint by numbers activities. Since almost every child loves painting, try helping your child create his own paint by numbers picture. Let your child choose a theme and help him or her to incorporate different shapes, lines, colors and numbers for a really fun, and educational, experience.

Counting blocks

Playing and learning with blocks is a great way for your child to gain basic math skills. Counting blocks on a number mat or stacking blocks while counting can help your child’s math skills and brain development.

Fun times in the park

Take your child outside in the backyard or to a local park and count whatever he or she sees together. For example, you could count trees or bushes in the yard, or cars in the parking lot at the park. A trip to the grocery store can be fun when your child counts cereal boxes or people waiting in line. Any type of counting game will help your child develop his or her math skills.

Counting games online

There are many counting and number games for your preschool child online and many of these are free, so this is a good resource for parents.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Liberty Township, we offer our preschool Fast Track Curriculum™ which has the highest quality preschool learning experience for your child. Contact us for more information, or stop by for a tour and meet our professional staff.

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